Aust Ch Zanzebern Xplorer "Dora"
DOB : 22 December 2007

Dora for Puppy of Group Melbourne Royal 2008 10 months

Dora 15 Months


BIS Aust Am Can Swd CH Zanzebern Defender

Aust CH Nalle Fender Van't Rijkenspark

Xtralarge Van De Weyenberg

Bernsennas Prince Hamlet Of Denmark

Dk CH Herlettas Chopin

Bernsennas Tiffany

Tjalfe Van De Weyenberg

Dk Swd Int CH Macis Kempe Dansk

Rube Van De Weyenberg

Gamay Genny Van't Rijkenspark

Swed Nor CH Macis Springsteen

Gingerhof Rebel Rouser

Odenhills Winjett

Wellin Kiss V Bernetta

Dalton VD Helvetiern Am Erbach

Quiss V Gammenthal

Aust CH Zanzebern Dancing Queen (AI)

Swed Danish CH Bauernhofs Odd

Swed CH Bernerdalens Boman

Swed Nor CH Odenhills Texas

Drangmarkens Imira

Swed Nor CH Bauernhofs Iselle

Dk Swd Int CH Macis Kempe Dansk

Swed CH Bauernhofs Carlina

Aust CH Bernerbakkens Amber Autumn

Little Norways Tango

Cebrisko VD Kainstobben

Estella VD Maerchenstrasse

Nord CH Bernerbakkens Umbela

Bernerbakkens NY Jork

Nord CH Krisis 6 Scarlet

Amy Pride von Bernice Love

Dutch Ger VDH CH WWV08 EWV 08 Darhus Van't Rijkenspark

Multi CH Varus V Vindonissa

Derry V Veit

Bertel V Blumenland

Colette VD Altrosserfelder Muhle

Saskia V Vindonissa

Wasco V Nesselacker

CH Hananja V Nesselacker

Xyla Vant Stokerybos

Belg Dutch Fr Lux Int CH Pjotter VD Samaika

Int CH Hylas V Vindonissa

Merit VD Arkkea

Qwynta Vant Stokerybos

Int CH Pyros V Barnerhof

Marylou Van't Stokerybos

Britney Van't Pachthof

Blg CH Tawajahs Unak



NU CH Yuni

Belg Dutch CH Lara V Nesselacker

Swiss Int CH Wacho V Tonisbach

Wita V Nesselacker

Utsa Van't Pachthof

Belg CH Thor V Amjar

Belg Dutch Fr Lux Int CH Pjotter VD Samaika

Kamjar V Amjar

Raisa Van't Mespelhof

Axel Van't Wildricht



 Dora is our only girl from our German import Amy. If you can only get one girl DORA delivers. Although at the bottom end of the height standard, Dora is dripping with type and is a sturdy little tank with the most gorgeous front end assembly. She reminds us a lot of our foundation Amber in her nature and stockiness.  Her beautiful head is a combination of both her beautiful mum and dad.  Dora is just taking a break over the summer and will gather the last points for her Australian Championship early in 2009 ..she is already a group and in show winner. We are very excited about breeding with Dora at the end of 2009.


Dora at 5 months


Dora at 8 weeks